Department Mission:

To produce Disciplined and Quality Hardware / Software Engineers.Our Computer lab is endowed with advanced configuration systems with Windows X & Linux Operating Systems and Software’s like MS-Office, C, C++,Java, Oracle, Multimedia, VB & VB.NET so as to enable the students to develop their knowledge in the software & hardware fields.Systems are connected in local area Network and also providing Wi – Fi facility.

☛ Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
☛ Operating Systems
C Programming
☛ Computer Architecture
☛ Computer Networks and Security
☛ Object Oriented Programming with Java
☛ Data Structures using C
☛ Web Programming
☛ Relational Database and Management Systems
☛ .Net Programming
☛ Concepts of Advanced Computing
☛ Computer Hardware and Servicing
☛ Mobile Computing
☛ Multimedia Systems
☛ Project work and Entrepreneurship
☛ Android Lab
☛ Electrical and Electronics Practical
☛ C Programming Practical
☛ Linux practical
☛ Java Programming Practical
☛ Data Structures using C Practical
☛ Communication and Life Skills Practical
☛ Web Programming Practical
☛ .Net Programming Practical
☛ Relational Database and Management Systems Practical
☛ Computer Servicing and Network Practical
☛ Systems Administration Practical
☛ Multimedia Systems Practical
☛ Android Lab


☛ Wipro, Chennai.
☛ D_Link, Cochin.
☛ ABT InfoTech, Pollachi.
☛ E-Soft Academy, Coimbatore.
☛ HCL Info Systems Ltd, Chennai.
☛ Symantec Solutions.