Maharani Nursing college run by Maharani Educational and Charitable Trust was established in 2009 keeping in mind the following mission.

Mission :

To Offer Holistic Carreer Oriented Nursing Education towards total health care that is a perfect blend of modern day intelligence and human values...


The management and faculty of Maharani Nursing college believe that the Nursing programme is a formal educational preparation based on sound educational principles using the right teaching technology. We recognize that the Nursing programme is the beginning of long foreseen professional career with an avenue for further professional development both in terms of higher education and advanced in positions held under various capacities. We also believe that the curriculam is a well prepared one to suit to the needs of the students and the society.


To prepare the students to become fullyfledged professional nurses who will be adequately equipped to render quality nursing care in any health care setting objective. The students will be able to

1. Explain the basic concepts and principles of Nursing.

2. Understand the normal structure and functioning of human body system.

3. Distinguish any deviation from normal structure and function.

4. Deliever safe and effective nursing care to clients applying the scientific principles.

5. Demonstrate competence in all the nursing procedures.

6. Evaluate continuously the care given and modify the plan as and when needed.

7. Participate in research activities.

8. Excersise correct decision making.


Board of Trust Members :