Salient Features of Nursing College

The College is Endowed With Excellent Infrastruture in an area of 37 acres...

The Maharani Nursing College and hostel are located in the same campus...


The Class rooms are spacious ,well ventilated and furnished with modern teaching technologies.

Each class room can accomdate 50 Students.

Teaching Faculty

The Teaching Facility are recriuted as per the Indian Nursing Council norms and the facility are well experience to teach and guide the students both in theory and clinical settings..

Laboratory Facilities :

• Our Fundamental Lab is Equipped with modern Dummys ,manikins and all other equipments for practice.......

•our lab is Equipped with adequate with adult human articulated skeleton ,disarticulated human skeleton and speciments,for the quality laerning....

•our lab is equipped with portable and modernnized community bag with articless for the homne care swervices,puppets and posters for quality learning

•our lab is equipped with modern computer with 24 hours internet connection facility for the quality practise...

•our lab is equipped with modernised dummies,models of stages of labour and instruments for the quality learning

•our lab is equipped with modern computer with 24 hours internet connection facility for the quality practise.

•Our lab is Equipped with adequate housing for the nurssing cooking demonstration..

Library :

Library consists of many national and International Nursing Books and Journals,t is well furnished for comfortable reaching and writing and also has internet facilities for references witrh the library...

Clinical Practices: :

Maharani nursing college has tie up with the following super specislity hospitals for clinical practice of the students .the students are arrranged in various departments such as medical ,surgical and operation theatre ,psychiatry,pediatrics,ent,ontology,cardiology,nephrology ,nemorology,obsterrics and gynecology,emergency/casuality,intensive case unit modern instruments are ultra sound,CT scan ,MRI scan,Vertilator,Dialysis unit etc with fully Qualified staff nurses for the clinical experinces clusring their training period

Tie up hospitals are:

Govt Head Quarters hospital,Tirupur

Govt Rajaji hospital ,Madurai.

Govt Hospital ,Dharapuram

Balaji :Surya hospital,Dharapuram

Janani Hospital,Dharapuram

Kavitha Nursing Home,Dharapuram

Exam Hall

Our Exam hall has well Spacious ,eligibilty ,good Ventilation and mobile champer,metal detactor and monitery camera…

Sanitation and Water Supply :

Our college has Sanitory facilties safe and continues water supply available throughout water supply available throughout the campus.

Safe and continous water supply.

Transport :

The college has 3 vechicles exclusively for nursing to facilitate the transport of students and staff,for clinicals ,community areas and field trips of students are entertined with college vechicle for promotion of comfortable learning of students...


Prevevtion and prohibition of ragging: :

Our college maintains ragging free campus and srict adherres to the tamilnad prohibition of ragging act 19997 and the Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R medical university prevention and prohiption of Ragging in Institutional Regulation ,2010...

Free Annual Health Check-Up: :

Annual Health Check-up is done for the students and vaccinated against infections diseases...

Group institutions for all the students taken by the Management…

Sports and Recreation :

Our Studets are having sport Facility like vollyballl,shuttle core,dise tyhrough ,shotput,Javelin and their daily indoor recrational activities like chess,carrom and involved with intercollege comptitionns and cultural events for their entertainment..


Indoor and outdoor games are provided to refresh their mind.



1. Hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls..

2. Hostel rooms are spacious and fully furnished with cot,study table,cabboards etc.