Courses Offered in B.Ed.

Courses (B.Ed.,)

1.Pedagogy of Tamil
2.Pedagogy of English
3.Pedagogy of Mathematics
4.Pedagogy of Physical Science
5.Pedagogy of Biological Science
6.Pedagogy of History
7.Pedagogy of Commerce & Accountancy (I & II)
8.Pedagogy of Computer Science

Theory Course offered in
B.Ed., - I Year

Theory Course offered in
B.Ed., - II Year

1.Childhood and Growing up 1.Knowledge and Curriculum
2.Contemporary India and Education 2.Assessment for Learning
3.Learning and Teaching 3.Creating an Inclusive School
4.Gender, School and Society 4.Environmental Education
5.Language across the Curriculum 5.Pedagogy of a School Subject(Part – II Content Mastery)
6.Understanding Disciplines and Subjects


7.Pedagogy of a School Subject(Part – I Methodology)


Courses (M.Ed.,)

Theory Course offered in
M.Ed., - I Year

Theory Course offered in
 M.Ed., - II Year

1.Historical and Political Economy of Education in India 1.Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives in Education
2.Advanced Educational Psychology 2.Advanced Techniques of Instruction
3.Curriculum Design and Development 3.Advanced Educational Research and Statistics
4.Basics in Educational Research 4.Teacher Education in India: Secondary Level
5.Teacher Education in India: Elementary Level 5.Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at Secondary Level
6.Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at Elementary Level 6.Trends in Indian Higher Education
7.Early Childhood Care and Education



Special Features

1.Continuous monitoring of students
2.Providing leadership training
3.Modern equipment and laboratories
 4.Frequent tours and travels to visit places of educational importance


5.Computer training to every student
6.Confidence building with inculcation of duty and discipline
7.Spoken English Training
10.Club activities
11.Sports Activities
12.Engaging in Co – Curriculum activities.